KR152098 Nurmes, Signalling systems and High-voltage work

Location: Nurmes

Client: Destia Rail / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: The project included the installation of the track circuits for the renovated track sections and switches (6pcs), Switch installations , Automatic train protection (ATP) installations and heating element installations for switches / The planning phase for the signalling system and high-voltage work included measurements and final documents.

Duration: 3mo.

Date of completion: 11/2015

On call duty, maintenance, zone 6

Location: Finnish Transport Agency KPa 6 in its entirety.

Client: VR Track / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Signalling systems on call duty and fault repair.

Duration: 2mo.

Date of completion: 8/2014

Maintenance, zone 8

Location:: Yläsavo

Client: Destia Rail / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Interlocking, level crossing system and automatic block signalling system maintenance.

Duration: 2mo.

Date of completion: 11/2013

On call duty, maintenance, zone 9

Location:: Oulu – Kokkola väli

Client: VR Track / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Oulu – Kokkola region signalling systems on call duty and fault repair.

Duration: 1mo.

Date of completion: 7/2014

Maintenance, zone 11

Location: Pikkarala, Muhos, Utajärvi, Vaala, Kivesjärvi, Paltamo

Client: VR Track / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Signalling systems outdoor and level crossing systems’ periodic maintenance.

The work consisted of inspecting and maintaining e.g. signals, track equipment cabinets, track circuits, key boxes and axle counting sections.

Duration: 3mo.

Date of completion: 12/2014

Maintenance, zone 1

Location:: Ri – Jp

Client: VR Track

Description: Signalling systems outdoor inspection and repair.Within the inspection phase some problems were brought to light and repaired. During the maintenance phase Rautatie drilled over 60 holes in the conductor rails for the track circuits, as well as installed about 60 meters of 50mm2 and 50 meters of 25mm2 copper and pin-brazed more than 470 bonds on the rail with a pin-brazing unit. In addition, numerous new rail wells were installed.

Duration: 3mo.

Date of completion: 12/2014

Switch maintenance

Location:: Finnish Transport Agency region KPa 7.

Client: VR Track / Private owner

Description: Switch maintenance and supervision of a private railway track by a qualified specialist.

Duration: 4mo.

Date of completion: 09/2015

Maintenance, zone 7

Location: Finnish Transport Agency KPa 7 redone in its entirety.

Client: VR Track / Finnish Transport Agency

Description : Maintenance of the entire location’s signaling systems, in conjunction with the client’s signaling system technicians.

Duration: 15mo.

Date of completion: 06/2016

IR141013 Signalling system installation, Kangas’ point of operation

Location: Kangas (Ylivieska)

Client: Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Modifications and wiring diagrams for a Siemens DrS type interlocking system. Wiring and step by step labor inspections before a gradual transfer of traffic. Signalling system safely modified. Procurement of materials and parts for changes to the interlocking system. Installation of signalling system housing foundations and replacement of all outdoor housings. Signalling system pad foundations. Balise and automatic train control (ATC) coding.
Framework cable connections. Procurement, installations and connections for all localized cabling.
Modification to the interlocking system as well as a step by step labor inspection, before the main (private) labor inspections and traffic transfer. Updating and transfer of all current signalling system documentation to CAD format.
Planning and construction of track marking in accordance with RATO17, between kilometer intervals 640+040 ….645+100. Establishing a safety interlocking system by applying the requirements of the EN 50129 standard. The contractor submitted the safety-case’s final documentation on the project, along with a safety assessment report approved by the assessment body.
Changing of the interlocking system’s heating control gear in conjunction with the Transport Agency’s release of the B17 standards. Limiting traffic remote control system I / O interface.
Minor alterations to the remote control system design and I / O rack materials.

The project implemented ST-standards in the design. The total workload of the design consisted of 23% of the project.

Duration: 13mo.

Date of completion: 06/2015

IR121203 Oulainen Railway signalling systems installation

Location: Oulainen

Client: Lemminkäinen Infra Oy / Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Installation of the railway signalling system’s base wiring and their measurements, old cables were excavated, moved and protected. wiring proofs, track circuit follow-up measurements, removal of signalling systems; planning and implementation, temporary track circuits; planning and implementation, locating and repairing damage cables, transferring and introduction of the passenger information displays, installation of railway signal housings and mountings, procurement of materials, updating wiring diagrams. Track 1, included the introduction of temporary track circuits, switches, the planning and implementation of traffic signals and key boxes. Repair of signalling systems.

Duration: 11mo.

Date of completion: 03/2015

Tendering for system operating center staff

Location:: Helsinki

Client: Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Procurement documents 2014-2018. Tendering for the systems operation center. In addition, Rautatieto evaluated and scored on submitted tenders. The project applied the Finnish Transport Agency’s electric railway guidelines B22, as well as manual preparation and content of the contractor’s safety plan.

Duration: 11mo.

Date of completion: 11/2013

Patokangas construction management and safety supervision

Location:: Kemijärvi

Client: Proxion/Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Kemijärvi – Isokylä – Patokangas’ raw wood terminal construction specification, tendering, project management and the installation supervision of the electric systems. The project includes catenary remote control systems, signalling systems and telecommunication systems.

Duration: 28mo.

Date of completion: 2/2016

Professional services for Technical control centre

Location: Helsinki

Client: Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Procurement documents 2015-2019. Through competitive negotiations Rautatieto obtained the contract for the technical control room. In addition participating with the Finnish transport agency in the evaluation of the bidders.
The control room will monitor stations, tunnels and signalling systems. In addition to monitoring staff assignments that include railway rolling stock and special surveillance. Monitorable devices include hot-box detection equipment, wheel force detection, RFID-devices, as well as automatic pantograph monitoring (APMS).

Duration: 8mo.

Date of completion: 8/2014

VALTSU platform technical specifications

Location:: Helsinki

Client: Proxion/Liikennevirasto

Description: The VALTSU system is Rautatieto’s, Proxion’s and the Finnish Transport Agency’s networking platform that can be used to manage rail networks, rolling stock control systems and alarms from a single location.
Rautatieto led the technical aspect of the VALTSU information platform, regarding specifications and implementation of the related demo platform at the beginning of the project, creating a user interface and the base for the control of data processing.

Duration: 8mo.

Date of completion: 8/2012

RFID-based system technical specifications

Location:: Helsinki

Client: Proxion Power/Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Rolling Stock Monitoring System integration platform specification, design and project management. Tender procurement documents drawn up in English. The technical requirements for the RFID-based system included, among other things, the design of the reader network. In this project Rautatieto also provided quality assessment and comparisons for the participants’ tenders. The project also included a pilot phase of testing to assess the quality and risk as part of the offered system.

Duration: 14mo.

Date of completion: 8/2012