Rautatieto Oy appoints a new Managing Director

Petri Rönneikkö, assumed the role of CEO at Rautatieto Oy, in the summer of 2019.

Rönneikkö will assume the position of CEO with extensive experience in the transport sector, including Director of Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and its preceding transport administration agencies for a period of approximately 20 years. Rönneikkö has extensive management experience and exceptional knowledge of the transport sector.

“Transportation of all types has always interested me professionally and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be in key roles in Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and its preceding organizations, in developing and leading the Finnish transport system. With new challenges emerging on the horizon, I am genuinely pleased, to be part of the further development of Rautatieto Oy as it develops into an increasingly stronger and more significant player in the field”, says Rönneikkö.

Former CEO Arto Nivala will continue as the Chairman of the Board and as Project Manager on projects demanding considerable expertise. Rautatieto Oy has seen considerable development in recent years, “However, the company has a lot of growth potential and through the changes of the CEO we will be able to further develop Rautatieto Oy’s operational potential”, says Arto Nivala.