IR141013 Signalling system installation, Kangas’ point of operation

Location: Kangas (Ylivieska)

Client: Finnish Transport Agency

Description: Modifications and wiring diagrams for a Siemens DrS type interlocking system. Wiring and step by step labor inspections before a gradual transfer of traffic. Signalling system safely modified. Procurement of materials and parts for changes to the interlocking system. Installation of signalling system housing foundations and replacement of all outdoor housings. Signalling system pad foundations. Balise and automatic train control (ATC) coding.
Framework cable connections. Procurement, installations and connections for all localized cabling.
Modification to the interlocking system as well as a step by step labor inspection, before the main (private) labor inspections and traffic transfer. Updating and transfer of all current signalling system documentation to CAD format.
Planning and construction of track markings in accordance with RATO17, between kilometer intervals 640+040 ….645+100. Establishing a safety interlocking system by applying the requirements of the EN 50129 standard. The contractor submitted the safety-case’s final documentation on the project, along with a safety assessment report approved by the assessment body.
Changing of the interlocking system’s heating control gear in conjunction with the Transport Agency’s release of the B17 standards. Limiting traffic remote control system I/O interface.
Minor alterations to the remote control system design and I/O rack materials.

The project implemented ST-standards in the design. Of the total workload, the panning process consisted of 23% of the total project.

Duration: 13 months.

Date of completion: 06/2015