IR171126 Improving the consistency of the track section.

Location: Seinäjoki – Kokkola, Ylivieska – Oulu

Client: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Description: DrS Rele Signaling system design and installation for each signaling station. REST and VLUK function for each location (Lpa) – (Kok) and (Yv) – (Ol) except Kilpua signaling station. In total 23 signalling stations.
– Design and alteration work required for all of the work mentioned above, material procurement, inspection (SIT) and phased delivery.
– Updating all signaling system documentation to reflect the current installation and insuring that all documentation is up to date.
– Generation of all final diagrams and plans.
– Development of a safety justification (Specific Application Safety Case) applying the requirements of EN 50129.
– Submission of the safety case documents and safety assessment reports, for approval by an assessment body.
– Modifications to the stand alone control board.

Railway traffic is controlled by a control center between stations, the project set out to improve the consistency and punctuality of railway traffic. In addition to reducing the delays caused by construction work on the tracks and improving safety, with the REST/VLUK system.

Duration: 12 months.

Date of completion: 05/2017