KR180716 Oulu-Kontiomäki Intermediate safety station, signalling systems

KR180716 Oulu-Kontiomäki Intermediate safety station for signaling systems, were completely designed and constructed in Hyrkka, Niska, Liminpuro and Melalahti.:

Client: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

– Signaling system logic design and implementation.
– Construction of equipment housing.
– Installation of base cabling.
– Participating in the final inspection and safe transfer of railway traffic.
– The design and implementation of power line contact wire feed, including uninterruptible power supply.
– Design and implementation of track markings.
The design and construction was carried out in such a way that the signaling system complied with the Finnish Signaling cabin requirements and the Railway Technical Guidelines.

The intermediate safety station made use of a Selbstblock VR system and was adapted to station signaling system with the use K50 freewheel relays.
The signaling lights made use of a pre-signaling circuit with a WAIT STOP / WAIT GO Signal. Track vacancy control was performed using the Az-S-350 U Axle Counting System.

The purpose of the project is to improve the capacity of railway traffic and to ensure the transit of iron pellets between the port Kokkola and Raahe steel industry more consistently, in particular from the direction of Vartius ,Russia.

The project included several new innovations and solutions developed by Rautatieto Oy.

Project contract amount; 1,1 M€

Date of completion: 08/2019