KR182579 Pännäinen triangular rail Signaling system contract.

Location: Pännäinen

Client: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Description: The main purpose of the project has been to improve the cost-efficiency and traffic performance of rail transport, to ensure the operability of the railway section, improve train safety and promote the use of the railway and the rail network.

Rautatieto Oy completed the work according to the contract, which included; alteration and design of signaling system, extension of the Siemens Drs interlocking signaling system, including the design and contracting.-The design and implementation also included signal lights, railway switchins, JKV, implementation of a level crossing system, signaling cabinets, the implementation of REST and VLUK functions for the new elements, as well as a large-scale design and modifications of the stand-alone control panel.

In addition, Rauatatieto Oy carried out the installation of base and small cabling for new outdoor equipment and elements.

Signaling system documentation and diagrams have been updated in accordance with the new design, in addition to reviewing and updating all other necessary documentation..

The contractor was established with an approved safety justification (Specific Application Safety Case) for the interlocking signaling system in accordance with EN 50129 standard.

Väylävirasto Article

Duration: 4 months.

Date of completion: 02/2019